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Why we set up Services Family Ltd (6 important reasons)

Many people have been asking us why we would want to get into such a complex and heavily regulated industry to support service-personnel and veterans, who are not considered mainstream society. Our answer? We set up Services Family to:

1.   To bring an (ex) military eye to financial services:

Everything in the mass market financial services industry is tailored to those with ‘normal lifestyles. Members of the service family often don’t quite fit – that makes for unfair decisions and a slanted playing field.

2. We think those who have served should get the best deals possible:

Clever systems are often used to weed out non-standard customers, but we want to nurture then. We are developing tech and data to better show how risky you really are – lower risk means better deals!

3. There’s a better way of servicing people who live mobile tech savvy lives.

Sometimes waiting for an appointment or hanging on a telephone for twenty minutes is not a good way to pass the time. Technology advances, if built on “agile” modern secure platforms, can bring financial services to you.

4. Challengers really need to challenge the established way of thinking

This is not just providing easy digital access. We don’t see why every part of the value chain in financial services can’t be reformed and stripped back to focus on customers.

5. Customer focus is more than just personalising an email or website:

We see that many products can be rebuilt to better meet your needs, not the efficiency of the providers.

6. Not all people use or like mobile phones

As we get older, it is harder to do business on a mobile or a complex website. IT systems and customer journey can be simplified – we’re consistently working on creating this simplicity.