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Why I chose to do my financial internship at Services Family

I would like to answer two questions – why I choose to do a financial internship and why I choose the Services Family.

Firstly, the key reason I have been a financial intern is to improve my professional financial skills such as statistical analysis and finance marketing in underwriting. My major at university is accounting and finance, which includes a module relevant to insurance and Financial Management. Therefore, I am looking forward to combining the theoretical knowledge with real industry applications.

During my first month with Services Family Ltd, I have learnt the financial models which are used for data analysis, marketing and insurance pricing.

Along the way, I have attended meetings with clients and partners which has let me have a deeper understanding of insurance, as well as improve the communication skills. I am very excited and looking forward to meeting more clients and businesses in the future during the internship period.

Secondly, the first impression when I came to interview at Services Family is the main reason why I wanted to work with Services Family Ltd. The culture and environment are the same as its name – Family. Managers are very nice and patience which let me always keep a positive attitude at work.

And Services Family is located at Natwest Boost HQ where they have amazing resources to support the development of Services Family Ltd, like entrepreneur workshops which help my social network as I have opportunities to connect to other co-workers in the same building.

Aside from being a great experience, on the practical side, being a financial intern at Services Family Ltd has let me study for an appropriate professional qualification while working and testing out my career plan.