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Read the full article Homeworking – the environmental impact.

Homeworking – the environmental impact.

September 20, 2020

Will an increased emphasis on homeworking have an environmental impact? and, Can we expect to pay more to live in the new normal? “Heating” up because more power = more heat. Working from home will see significantly higher energy consumption throughout the day. This may lead to a greater focus by consumers and suppliers on… Read more” about the article Homeworking – the environmental impact.”

Read the full article Homeworking – 2 potential digital impacts

Homeworking – 2 potential digital impacts

September 3, 2020

The government wants us back in the office to protect the ‘city’ economy. But, what could be the digital impacts of a sustained increase in homeworking? Where and how we work – Home office, town base? Increased home working will surely mean an excess in office capacity in our towns and cities. Potentially reducing rents… Read more” about the article Homeworking – 2 potential digital impacts”

Read the full article Business Resilience IT

Business Resilience IT

June 16, 2020

As businesses bounce back, what about business resilience in IT? As businesses, we all know that changes in the way we work have and will impact our support IT and reliance upon digital connectivity and systems. Aside from the importance of maintaining customer contacts and starting marketing anew, managing your data and your IT hardware… Read more” about the article Business Resilience IT”

Read the full article New Normal?

New Normal?

May 25, 2020

Financial Security – an even bigger factor in the ‘New Normal’! What will the working landscape look like in the ‘new normal’ after the coronavirus pandemic? What changes for businesses in the ‘New Normal’? One thing is certain, we’ve all been given a reminder that we live with more uncertainty! We can’t predict the future…. Read more” about the article New Normal?”

Read the full article Writing a Will

Writing a Will

April 27, 2020

No matter how unlikely death might be it is important to think seriously about writing a Will! Please note: This article only provides some general information and IS NOT offering legal advice. If you have an accident on the road, have a stroke or fall ill you may suddenly be unable to sort out your… Read more” about the article Writing a Will”