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Getting the right insurance quote for your business!

95% of small businesses can be insured for liabilities in about 5 minutes with our “Quick Quote” platform which strips back the process to essentials.

But, if you have more than 10 employees, 3+ temporary employees, work with other than hand tools, have business premises or require specific legal expenses cover then please fill in the call-back form below or call us because we’ll need to ask you some questions to get the right insurance covers and price.

As we made the quote process as slick as possible, its important you understand our products and service. Before continuing with the quote, you should read the ‘Insurance Policy Package Overview‘ and the ‘PLEASE READ’ tab at the side of your screen, or below on mobiles, for our customer insurance service, claims and complaints information.

If you know the business cover you need, you should use our simple online quote system now!gapgapBusiness Quick Quote

If you have any questions during the quote process you can give us a call now on 0800 029 3585.

Please Note: There are some types of business we can’t yet provide insurance; here is a list of excluded businesses. We also won’t be able to insure you if you: Have an undischarged bankruptcy; have failed to comply with Health & Safety notices; have unspent criminal convictions for serious crimes.

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Request a call back

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, want a ‘call-back’ and/or our office is closed please fill in this form. You can save and return to the form if you like but, after you press ‘submit’, we or the underwriter will get back to you normally within one working day*. You can find some details of our per person cover in the ‘Insurance Policy Package Overview‘.

Call us!

Telephone: 0800 029 3585

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, you are unhappy using the on-line quote or the form opposite, our agent will take you through it – though they cannot provide you with advice, answer the questions or explain the cover.

You can find some details of our per person cover in the ‘Insurance Policy Package Overview‘.

You can click on the following link to download and/or read our full ‘Customer Insurance Service Information‘.

If you don’t finish a quote or come back to continue the quote then your details will be deleted after 30 days.

*Working Days: Monday – Friday 0900-1700 excluding Public Holidays.

Exclusions for which we cannot provide cover!

Business Activity

While this is not a complete list, it gives you a clear idea of what businesses we can and can’t cover.

  • Adult shops, cinemas or Lap Dancing Clubs and Adult products manufacturers
  • Food Risks with non LPC approved combustible panels
  • Furriers
  • Gang-master Risks
  • Gun shops, manufacture or supply of arms and munitions (other than as part of an organised sporting shoot)
  • Landfill sites, waste and recycling risks
  • Manufacture, storage, filling, breaking down, or transport of toxic materials, toxic waste, dangerous or explosive products, asbestos, chemicals, petro-chemicals, fertilisers inc Petrol filling stations
  • Tobacco Manufacturers or wholesalers (other than cash and carry warehouses)
  • Sawmills, Mining and Quarry Risks
  • Pallet Manufacture/Repair
  • Schools, academies or colleges of further education) including residential children’s homes other than specialist schools
  • Riding establishments, hunts and any equine risk other than where incidental to business
  • Airships, aeroplanes and aircraft other than radio controlled models
  • Demolition as a sole occupation
  • Offshore or Underwater risks
  • Ship building/breaking/repair except for pleasure craft under 15 metres
  • Work in connection with railways other than private sidings or railways used for pleasure purposes and narrow gauge railways, heritage and miniature railways
  • Tower Crane erectors
  • Zoos/Circuses/Fairs

Product Liability Exclusions

  • Manufacture of latex prophylactic barriers used against disease/infection
  • Aircraft, satellites, spacecraft, rocket, missile or other aerial devices except radio controlled models
  • Any product used in aircraft (other than food, drink, hospitality, disposable, duty free, free issue personal comfort items)
  • Pesticides, fungicides, dyes and pigments, other than wholesale and retail sales
  • animal feeds other than pet foods
  • cosmetics
  • celluloid and pyroxylin
  • tobacco other than wholesale and retail sales
  • Manufacturer of safety critical marine or motor parts
  • Pharmaceutical risks other than:
    a) retail of pharmaceutical products
    b) wholesale general sales list medicines (i.e. over the counter medicines) for products sourced
  • Sun-bed manufacturers

Other ‘Stuff’ we can’t cover

  • Professional Indemnity
  • Electronic Risk
  • Nuclear risks as specified under the Nuclear Act 1965 and radioactive contamination other than radioactive isotopes
  • Property insured under a marine policy
  • Employment practices cover
  • Environmental Impairment Liability (EIL)
  • Environmental Liability Directive (ELD)
  • Pollution other than Sudden and Accidental
  • Product Defects/Recall
  • Property in the Insured Care Custody and Control
  • Tour Operators third party liability including ABTA cover
  • War and allied risks
  • Warehouse Keepers Liability