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Read the full article Insurance Loyalty Is Penalised

Insurance Loyalty Is Penalised

1 June 2021

When your loyalty is penalised your renewal will cost you more! In 2018, 6 million loyal policy holders would have saved £1.2 billion if they had paid even the average price for their risk. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) announced that it will implement new rules to improve competition and protect loyal customers buying home… Read more” about the article Insurance Loyalty Is Penalised”

Read the full article General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance

30 April 2021

What is General Liability Insurance and what is it for? General, or Public, Liability insurance protects you when you are held legally responsible to compensate for harm done to others. While at work, you are covered by your business insurance or your Employer’s Liability policy for public risks. Outside of work, are you (and your… Read more” about the article General Liability Insurance”

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Specialist Bike Insurance

13 April 2021

Many of us are returning to the roads on cycles. Can you save on bike insurance! Specialist bikes and electric-assisted bikes often costing more than £1500 are increasingly popular. Insurers are reporting an increase in bike theft and you should review your insurance cover! As we are ‘on a mission’ to help people get the… Read more” about the article Specialist Bike Insurance”

Read the full article Legal Expenses Insurance

Legal Expenses Insurance

30 March 2021

What is Legal Expenses Insurance and what is it for? Legal expenses insurance policies (LE for short) provide financial cover for you to either defend yourself or to actively help you bring a case against someone. LE Cover is probably the most common add-on for business, motor or house insurance. It is a genuinely useful… Read more” about the article Legal Expenses Insurance”

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Password Safety

16 March 2021

How do I improve my password safety? It’s a nightmare, every-one expects you to use an online username and password. But, password safety is vital to your security online that you don’t use only one and you don’t use the same password with important websites – ones like retail or banking sites. If you do… Read more” about the article Password Safety”