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Mortgage rates

29 September 2018

Still too many people mistakenly think that opting for the lowest rate is the best value deal, according to the experts. Teaser rates are often associated with much higher set up fees and so, you really have to compare the entire cost of a mortgage over your intended period.

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Mortgage woes

11 September 2018

Is it harder to get a mortgage nowadays? Yes it is but why. On average, the Bank of England reports that UK has a higher level of personal debt than nearly all developed countries. So what? – The regulators believe that the risk of a negative equity hole in housing threatens the financial stability of the UK. This… Read more” about the article Mortgage woes”

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Mortgage issues

8 September 2018

Four things that make it more difficult to get a mortgage; working overseas, boomerang kids, self-employment, missing a utility payment. More and more lenders will not recognise overseas income even when paid into a UK bank account. This will affect people who want to return to the UK having worked overseas and want to buy… Read more” about the article Mortgage issues”

Read the full article Insurance comparison good or bad deal?

Insurance comparison good or bad deal?

29 August 2018

Insurance comparison – Perhaps we’ve deconstructed some products just too far. We think its time to reconstruct for the individuals not deconstruct for mass market. The Services Family thinks convenient insurance should mean easy to access, easy to arrange, cost effective and designed to do what you need it to do. Unfortunately sometimes convenience just ends… Read more” about the article Insurance comparison good or bad deal?”

Read the full article Cash vs cards

Cash vs cards

2 June 2016

Cards have revolutionised customer convenience but do we trust them? What trade off between convenience and security? Using cards, and in particular debit cards, which do not have the same automatic protection guarantees, brings with it a number of risks in today’s consumer world where we trade ease of payment against security. While we are usually… Read more” about the article Cash vs cards”